What Type of Warranty is Offered on Tree Service Equipment?

When it comes to tree service, the equipment used is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of shipment. A+ Lawn & Landscape also offers a warranty on their retaining walls, patios, paths and walkways for years from the end date. This warranty covers any labor problems that may arise, but does not include fortuitous cases, damage to animals, vandalism, excessive traffic, landfill, or slope problems. If sedimentation or agitation occurs as a result of poor workmanship, A+ Lawn & Landscape will repair it at no cost to the owner.

Ponds and water fountains are also protected by A+ Lawn & Landscape guarantees for one year from the end date. This warranty covers sedimentation, leaks and defective materials related to the installation. Accidental acts, damage to animals, vandalism, excessive foot traffic, debris, or maintenance problems are not included. The manufacturers' guarantees apply to all products used. Husqvarna Group, a manufacturer of innovative products for outdoor electrical equipment, has launched a comprehensive two-year warranty program designed to offer extended protection to equipment used by commercial green area and tree care professionals.

Altec is another leading provider of equipment and services for the electrical services, telecommunications, contractors, lights and signs, and tree care markets. These additional options further help customers determine the long-term cost of owning the equipment and also help ensure that the equipment is regularly serviced. If a warranty repair is considered necessary during the warranty period, the owner will not incur labor costs. To help customers understand the process better, I do my best to explain what they can expect from the service they hire and how the tree will respond to the treatments. Planting trees can be as complex as choosing a particular tree for its meaning or as simple as choosing any tree that grows well in your area. We recognize that customers expect a certain level of professionalism when they decide to cancel work or change service companies midway through.

Another major factor contributing to the spread of diseases and pests is dirt from lawn or tree trimming equipment, so we make sure that all our equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every job.

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