The Most Common Types of Tree Service Equipment

Cutting equipment is essential for any tree service. Pole saws, hand trimmers, tree trimmers, wood chippers, axes, hedge trimmers and chainsaws are the most common tools used. A professional tree service should have a chip truck in good condition with a dump in the back. This chip box on the back is the attached box containing the wood chips from the wood chipper.

Chainsaws are one of the most valuable assets for any tree service. Learning to use and operate a chainsaw with care and precision is a kind of art. If ever there was a reason to leave tree pruning in the hands of professionals, it's here. Wood chippers can range in size, from huge mobile units that can be driven to smaller, more portable units that can be towed or even stored in a flatbed truck.

To successfully prune or cut down a tree, you often have to reach the top in some way. Depending on factors such as height and location, you can use a harness and raise it physically or use some kind of elevator or cherry picker to get there. Axes work with trees of all sizes, although it can take you all day to cut down a huge tree (and it's not recommended). The list of equipment for tree climbers can be quite extensive and varies depending on the preferences of the climbers.

Tree felling equipment is essential for any work situation because it can go anywhere and withstand all conditions. Looking at the equipment they use can give you an idea of the level of professionalism of the tree service company you're considering hiring. Another good option for smaller trees is to buy a trailer if you need to transport the remains of the trees. Climbing cords are ropes (usually with a steel core) that are attached to one side of the harness, placed around the trunk of the tree and attached to the other side of the harness to effectively keep the climber in the tree.

Tree trimmers are larger than standard pruning shears, giving them an advantage when removing denser plants and trees. You may need several wedges for larger trees in order to have enough lever to tilt the tree in the direction you want. This tree removal machine is powerful, can operate at a height of 60 pounds and quickly prunes and removes trees. In addition to cutting equipment, climbing equipment and tackle are also necessary if it's a larger tree.

Choose the best season to prune your particular tree species, inspect the condition of the tree, use all appropriate safety equipment (such as gloves) and don't overprune it.

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