How to Ensure Your Tree Service is Licensed and Insured in Florida

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) in Florida requires that all contractors be licensed and insured. To verify a contractor's license, you can visit the DBPR website at or call 850-487-1395. To confirm that your contractor is insured, you should contact the insurance company directly. When it comes to tree care, it's essential to select a certified tree service provider who offers tree stump removal service. This means that their workers are well-trained in the latest methods and technologies in the arboriculture industry. Arboriculture is much more than just knowing how to prune, plant, or remove trees.

A company with all the necessary credentials is fully aware of this. ISA certification is another factor to consider when selecting a tree service provider. Not all members of a forestry company are certified, but team leaders and other key personnel must have ISA credentials. Certified arborists can also help with insurance issues if they arise. Insurance coverage for trees on your property may not be the first thing you think of when hiring someone to prune, remove, treat, or maintain your trees. However, it's important to remember how dangerous working with trees can be, especially for those without the proper training, equipment, and experience.

If your current tree service cannot provide legitimate insurance coverage, you should look for a more qualified tree care expert. There are several types of insurance for tree service contractors, but liability insurance and workers' compensation are essential. Tree removal jobs can be hazardous, and insurance protects everyone involved from the owner to the tree removal service and its equipment. When searching for a tree service provider, don't hesitate to ask for customer recommendations. If you need to use a ladder to cut the tree or branches off the tree, it's too big (and dangerous) for you to remove it yourself. Some jobs require professional experience to keep the tree healthy. Before removing a tree, check the tree removal regulations of your state to make sure it isn't a historic tree or protected by your city.

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