Do Tree Services Need a License in Florida?

Legally, no license is required for tree service companies in Florida, except for an occupational license. All tree removal services must have a license. Any other certification is voluntary and optional for any tree service company. This means that anyone can cut down a tree on their property, as long as it's not protected by other regulations.

To make sure that the contractors involved in the tree removal service are qualified, it is best to look for a tree service that has an accredited certification from an organization that spans the entire industry. Hiring a licensed, bonded contractor will protect you and them from potential injury or property damage. Different states have different licensing requirements for tree removal service companies. If the tree poses a threat to power lines or sewer systems, your local utility company can offer free removal services.

To ensure that the expert is trained in tree safety, air rescue and electrical hazards, look for a credential such as a certified tree care safety professional (CTSP). It may be necessary to prune or remove trees that interfere with construction or that have grown too large on other trees in the area. Find an accredited tree service that knows all the regulations related to removal, so you can have the peace of mind that it is in compliance with the law. General liability insurance coverage is also essential for any company offering tree services in the country.

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