Essential Equipment for a Profitable Tree Service Business

For entrepreneurs who want to own their time while spending their hours outdoors, a tree service business is a great opportunity. To make it successful, you need the right equipment. From chainsaws and wood chippers to climbing gear that enhances safety, having the right tools will enable you to work safely and efficiently. We surveyed a group of experienced arborists and tree service professionals to determine the essential tools for tree service. The chainsaw is the basic tool for running a tree service business.

Look for a dependable chainsaw that runs on gas. Although there are quality electric models on the market, using extension cords in the workplace can be a hassle at best and a safety hazard at worst. Stihl is one of the oldest and most established companies when it comes to electric saws. Falling trees can create huge risks, both to human safety and to property. As a professional, you'll want to have precise control of where your trees will land.

These simple tools will help you guide trees to the desired felling location. Since you'll often use them in conjunction with a chainsaw, always opt for plastic wedges. Trimming and removing trees means creating a lot of debris, and guess what? Your job will be to get it out of your customers' properties. Wood chippers facilitate this process, since they eat the branches and segments of the trunk and turn them into manageable wood mulch. Depending on the job, you may need a weed chipper or a whole tree chipper. Your safety and that of your equipment are paramount in any job.

Using a well-made, functional climbing harness or chair every time you climb a tree is standard operating procedure for any professional tree service. You want something that's comfortable, durable and safe. Climbing picks are essential for maintaining balance when working with taller trees. However, barbs should only be used on a tree if you plan to remove it, as the barbs will permanently damage the tree.

Like tree harnesses, you should look for a brand of climbing barbs that allows you to work for extended periods without discomfort or pain. Buckingham is one of the most trusted manufacturers, and the choice of our readers reflects that. To prune high areas of trees, it is sometimes better to work from the ground. That's where pole trimmers come into play. Most pole trimmers extend 6 to 14 feet or more, allowing you to do a remarkable amount of work without climbing the tree itself.

There are manual and electric pruners. Husqvarna is proud to offer an entire ecosystem of arborist supplies and tree climbing equipment for professional tree care. Our innovative products and services make life in the treetops easier, more cost-effective and more comfortable. Tree Service Insurance is also essential for protecting your business from some serious financial risks in case things go wrong. With all these tools in hand, running a successful tree service business means you can create your own schedule and work when and as often as you want.

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